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Visualization and Animation

Do you have great ideas, that need to be presented properly? An image says more than a thousand words, but creating this image requires certain skills, that take a long time to obtain. Whether it is architecture, interiors, product design or a mechanical animation, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to contact us.


3D Scanning

Some real-world objects are just too complex to be measured with a measure tape. 3D scanning enables us to create accurate digital models of complex real-world objects with real mesurements and at incredible speeds.


Are you a student or a professional? Are you struggling to get the perfect image from your imagination to your computer screen, or is there a specific part of the workflow, you feel you could use some help with?  Feel free to contact us, so we can put together the right course just for you. Small groups are preferred, as they allow for as much individual contact with the instructor as possible.


At the moment, we offer courses mostly for Modo users of all experience levels:

  • architectural and hard-surface modelling
  • organic modelling, sculpting and retopology
  • texture painting and materials
  • lighting, shading and rendering
  • mechanical rigging and animation
  • efficient workflow and scene optimization
  • post-production in Photoshop