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Forsa lamp


Forsa lamp

Just the other day I bought myself a really nice new lamp in Ikea and while it still wasn’t even unpacked, I started thinking about modelling it! Well, to make it short, here’s the final model… and as a bonus, it’s almost fully rigged!

Before you download the model, you might want to take a look at how to use the rig. Basically, there are 5 locators that do most of the work. The topmost, near the lightbulb, called “Move and Rotate” does exactly that. The arm follows the locator’s movement, by rotating it, you can adjust the head’s position. Also, once selected, a haul channel will appear, which controls the light intensity (for me, the best “on” value is somewhere around the middle). The “move” and “move all” locators at the lamps base move the whole rig. The “move” locator moves only the base, while “move all” adds the cord to the movement. Finally, there are the “switch” and “plug” locators. While the “plug” locator only moves the plug, the “switch” locator lets an on/off option appear in your viewport and flips the switch.

Now to the difficult part. I managed to rig the wires on the lamp’s arm, but the cord leading from the lamp to the plug was a little more difficult. It’s endpoints will follow the movement of the arm, switch and plug, which makes the positioning a lot easier, but you will still have to access the control points of the cord (in polygon mode, you can add, remove or edit them with the create bezier spline tool)

Here’s the download link, enjoy (currently, it’s only available as the native .lxp preset file for now, an .obj version will be added later):



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  1. John January 30, 2012

    I’m very intrested in this model, but i can’t open it with modo 501. Can you convert the file to a .obj

    thanks :D

    • ivan January 30, 2012

      Hi John, I love to hear there’s interest in my models. It was made in modo 501 (so there should be no problem opening it) and the obj conversion would probably damage the rig, making it harder to use. Have you tried opening it in modo like a common file? If so, here’s the problem. The model is saved in lxp(modo preset) format, so it won’t load with the open and import options. The right way to do this is to extract the zip file in your preset folder (or any other folder you like) and open it using modo’s preset browser (f6 is the hotkey), the window is also present in the layuot and render tabs). You can add your own custom paths by clicking the add path option. After this, the preset files saved in this folder will be always just a clik away, no matter what scene you are working on)… I really hope this helps, should it not just write again and I will supply the model as soon as I can (although I am a little busy lately).

      • John January 30, 2012

        Thanks for your help ! Congratulations for your work is very helpful :D Keep it up!

  2. jamie April 28, 2013

    Hey mate. I’m working on an ikea hack with this lamp for a personal project. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but is it possible to export a solid body from modo 501? I can only read solid files like .stl and .igs, .step using solidworks/unigraphics NX. It would save me a lot of time starting from scratch!

    Thanks a lot for your time,
    Love your renders.


    • ivan April 28, 2013

      Hi jamie, modo can export .stl files, just shoot me an email and I will try to send you the solids model asap. Can’t promise it will work though, since I have no experience at all with this kind of formats.


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