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3D model of a shoe


3D model of a shoe

This was an experiment of mine, during which I re-created my shoes in 3D using only a simple smooth base mesh and displacement. The good thing about this solution is, that the mesh resolution and complexity is directly dependent on the pixel-size in the final rendering, not consuming unnecessarily large amounts of RAM . You can download this model as the native Modo .lxo file, in which it was created, and as an .obj for other applications.

You can download the model here with textures included:


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  1. david.the.visualiser October 22, 2011

    Really nice model! Congrats for your skills. Anyway, how many polygons does the model have with applied displacement?

    • Ivan Malek October 22, 2011

      Hi David!
      The base mesh has approximately 2300 polygons. Displacement segmentation is dependant on the number of pixels the object takes up in the final render. So for this render (1600x1066px) the both shoes were segmented to 3,3 million polygons (taking up approximalety 150MB of geometry memory at render time). But this model is intended for use in visualisation, so it will probably never be rendered at such a high resolution. In test, where the shoes didn`t take up such a big portion of the frame, they needed only around 15 MB of RAM.
      The shoes will soon be available for download, so you will be able to take a look the model yourself.
      Also, I plan on making a tutorial about this modelling workflow… so stay tuned!

      • david.the.visualiser October 22, 2011

        Sure, thanks! :)

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